Wish to play at least one last Test – Chris Gayle

Chris Gayle, who loves his dance moves as much as taking bowlers to the cleaners, still believes he has plenty to offer to West Indies Cricket. In a chat with TOI, the Jamaican power-hitter says he is keen on moulding the next generation of Caribbean cricketers even as he targets the 2019 World Cup. Excerpts-

At 37, how do you perceive your role in changing West Indies cricket?
Well, I have completely changed the West Indies’ cricket setup over the last couple of years. Because of me, a lot of things have got moving in West Indies cricket. From the board’s (Cricket West Indies) perspective, I have helped them in many ways. Everyone should be thanking me! Also, I believe it is not just about me taking the responsibility. It is about everyone putting up their hands and taking up the responsibility. What I can contribute, I will. Any player can reach out to me. That said, respect has been one of my biggest gains in recent times.
Coming to the different leagues you play in across the world, what is the cultural experience like?
It has been a great experience. To be honest, it teaches you a lot. You have to adapt to a situation as quickly as possible. You are always in a different dressing room with players from various countries. The type of person I am and the way people see me, it doesn’t take them long to warm up to me. I socialize easily and I am a fun person to have around.
So, for me, it is easy to be in any dressing room. I believe nobody should feel intimidated by me, barring the bowlers of course. Playing leagues is something I enjoy doing and I will continue to play as long as I can.

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