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History Behind The Dismal Of The Zimbabwe Cricket Team.

The performance of the Zimbabwe cricket team was fantastic. They had great players on their side that were highly talented. This made the team be one of the talented teams after South Africa in Cricket sport. This was a team that was formed in 1992 and since then it has recorded incredible performance during the international tests that it has played. The Zimbabwe team is mainly coupled by both the black and white players thus a variant accumulation of talent is what the team had. This made the team be one of the strongest teams in Africa, and it was feared as among the best team in Africa. The Zimbabwe team has faced a lot of challenges that has led to the team’s performance go below its levels. Here is what conspired in the Zimbabwe team that led it to record dismal performance.

Political Interventions.

Zimbabwe is one of the countries that is coupled with a lot of political issues. Zimbabwe had recorded an incredible performance during the Cricket world cup and this time they were given a chance to play in the ODI Test matches. This is a team that had its way of play that saw it clinch victory on the top games that you would not expect. Cricket was later on mixed with politics during Mugabe’s Regime in the late 1990s. This was affected the way the team squad was being selected. The one team unity was divided due to racial backgrounds. The Blacks were the only one selected to play during this time. This led to the dismal performance of the team since the top and highly talented white players were left from the squad.Politics in Zimbabwe was also mixed with Cricket when the top and key players in the team started indulging in political activities. This is evident in the protest led by one of the fastest bowlers Henry Olunga. Olunga wore a black armband on the field while playing critical matches. This act resulted in him receiving threats that led him to flee the country for his life.

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Racial Discrimination.

During Mugabe regime, all of the players who were selected were blacks and the whites missed the chances to represent their country. This led to the squad of the Zimbabwe team have inexperienced players on its side. As a result, they had a dismal performance. The highly skilled, talented and experienced players had no choice than quit the national cricket team.

Suspension from International Cricket.

This was one of the biggest blows to the Zimbabwe national cricket team. The team was suspended from international cricket due to the political and economic turmoil that country had faced. This turmoil had also eaten the cricket team and thus the team faced some charges such as racial abuses to the white people. This led to the disbandment of the team.The team was later on readmitted back to the international cricket but up to now they haven’t recovered to their full potential and zeal.

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