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Cricket History

No one is familiar with origin of cricket, all we know is about the origin of cricket is speculations created by people who love the game. However, most historians say the word cricket was originated from an old English word ‘Cryce’ which means stick. Also, cricket is similar to a game that was played in the 13th century called club-ball. In 18th century, the game started to gain popularity in England. It was the game of rich, big landlords started to play this in order to display their skills to friends and foes.

According to the history that has been recorded, the first time London played this game on national level was in 1719. The match was against Kent, later Kent played again Sussex in 1728. Laws of cricket were first written down in 1744 and from 1768 till 1788, the Hambledon club was the focal point of cricket. This was the place where people from around the world came and played cricket. This place has played a vital role in the development and progress of the game that is loved by millions today.

The first cricket ground was opened by Thomas Lord in 1787 and in the same year, Marylebone Cricket club was instigated. Today, the most famous cricket ground is the Lord’s St. Johns wood and all the cricket legislation is controlled by M.C.C. The first international game that took place between England, Canada and United States took place in early 1859 and in 1861, the team went to Australia to play a great game of cricket.

The first match won by Australia was in 1877. The match took place between Australia and England in Melbourne cricket ground. England was defeated by 45 runs. After 5 years, Australia again defeated London. After England losing the game, The Sporting Times in mock obituary said that “In affectionate remembrance of English cricket. … The body will be cremated, and the Ashes taken to Australia.” Because of this the matches that took place between Australia and England are called Ashes. Other countries that took place in Test matches included South Africa, Pakistan, India, New Zealand and Wes Indies. International Cricket Conference is the ruling body of Test matches and it was founded in 1909. Initially it was ICC was known as Imperial Cricket Conference.

According to records, the first official championships that took place between countries in England were recorded in the year 1890. M.C.C developed the Advisory Country Cricket Committee in 1904. Since 1904, the committee has been dealing with all kind of major English contests. In 1926, the Women’s Cricket Association came into existence in England and the international women’s Cricket Council was founded in 1958.

US Cricket History –

Cricket in United States dates back to the 18th century, the first formal club came into existence in 1820s. During the 1850s and 1860s, cricket became as famous as baseball in US. At the end of the 19th century, American team started played playing at an international level. They played matches against Canadian and British teams. However, over the time people become less interested in the game and in early 20the century, the game was completed wiped out from the country. The game is now only played by immigrants or at a primary level.

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