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The Worlds Most Historic Cricket Matches.

Historical matches are the matched that always linger on every fans mind that making him recall each and every detail of the matches. Cricket as a sport has been endowed with highly talented players that make it to their best in the field. This often results in creating historical games in the history of cricket. Witnessing a historic match is what every fan of any sports discipline would wish to attend. The historic matches are always as a result of two best teams locking horns on an imperative cup. The Cricket history is one of the top sports that has witnessed a lot of historic matches as generations fold and unfold. Here are the top historic cricket matches in the history of cricket.

• India vs. Australia. (2001)

This match was a 2nd Test match that took place in Kolkata in 2001 where the underdogs turned the table rounded. This is one of the matches that the Australians were the favorite to record a victory, but India emerged from nowhere and played to their level best to emerged the victors. India won by 315 runs after an impressive performance from VVS Laxman and Rahul Dravid.

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• England vs. Australia. (1981)

These are two feared rivalry sides that when they face each other, then a memorable match is always expected to occur. They recorded their best memorable match when the two teams met on 1981 in Headingley during the 3rd Test match. This is one of the feared matches, and it started by favoring the Australian side when they made 401 for 9 runs. England therefore through Ian Botham took control of the match by making a score of 356. England, later on, won the match with a 3-1 victory. During this match, England snatched victory from Australia by a whisker.

• England vs. Australia. (2005)

The two rivals met again during the 2nd test in 2005 that took place in Edgbaton. During this match,the team also recorded a memorable event. The Australian team had a great form, and they had had a long run without losing to England. This was very clear that the Australian team was going to clinch the game again. During the first match, Australia won it by over 250 runs. McGrath had an injury,and this forced the Australian to choose the bowl after winning the toss. During that time, Shane Warne, one of the versatile and world class bowlers was part of the England Squad. Inspired by the bowler the England team recorded a huge run of 407 runs and thus, the Australians were required to 282 victories to win the march. Thus, the England team won the tight match and proceeded to the next stage.

• South Africa vs. Australia. (2006)

In this fixture, the South Africa team was considered as the underdog team. This was the fifth ODI match that took place in Johannesburg. The chances of the Aussies to win the match was tremendously high. The Australian team had a perfect and smooth start after recording massive 434 runs. The South African team made one of the great counter backs by registering 438 runs with only one ball to spare. This made the match be one of the terrific matches to watch.

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• India vs. Pakistan. (1986)

This was one of the fantastic matches that occurred during 1986 in the Austral- Asia Cup. The Rivalry between this two teams was not fuelled by the Cricket sport only but also political adversaries. India were the front runners of the game, but this changed when one of the greatest batsman in the world from Pakistan made 4 runs and 6 scores thus defeating the Indian team.

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