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Wally Hammond History

Wally Hammond is among the four greatest batsmen in the history of Cricket

Wally Hammond was an outstanding English Test Cricketer who was is famous for being among the four greatest batsmen in the cricket history. His outstanding batting performance has secured him the 19th position on our list of 25 best crickets of the world. Batsman of today still considers him to be their role mode. Her performance both in Test cricket and First class has been exceptionally outstanding.

Early Life:

Walter Reginald Hammond or better known as Wally Hammond in the cricket world was born on the 19th of June in 1903. He was born to a solider and he loved playing cricket from his childhood. He married Dorothy Lister before the starting of 1929 season. It was rumored that Hammond did not treat her wife very well and his attitude towards her become worse after her father lost all the fortune and this lead to the end of his first marriage. Soon after getting a divorce from his first wife Wally married for the second time to a former beauty queen, Sybil-Ness Harvey. Together they had three children naming Roger, Carolyn and Valerie.

Domestic Career

Hammond made his debut of domestic career in August 1920, he played for Gloucestershire. Despite the bad starting of his career, he did manage to get good publicity and the local press thought him to be a great batsman in the future. He made only 27 runs in his first four innings. Disappointed with the starting of his career, he decided to put in more effort in order to improve his batting and his hard work finally paid. He made 110 runs out of 82 in the first match of 1923 season. Although, he didn’t score that much runs again in the reason, but he did secure his place.

Wally Hammond made 50, 551 run in 634 first classes matches that he placed. His best was 336 with a batting average of 56.10. During his first class career, he made 167 centuries and 185 half centuries. He also did some bowling, he bowled 51, 573 balls and took 732 wickets. He took 5 wickets in an innings 22 time and 10 wickets in a match 3 times. His bowling best was 9/23.

International Career

Wally started his international Test career on 24th December 1927 in a match against South Africa. Despite its outstanding performance in the previous seasons, he wasn’t did not make the impact that was expected from him. He was left out for some of the matches in that reason, however this decision was criticized by many as they should he had a lot of potential.

In his test career he played 85 matches and scored 7, 249 runs with a batting average of 58.45. He made 22 centuries and 50 half centuries in his test career with the top score of 336. He took 83 wickets in his test career and bowled 7, 969 with the best of 5/36. Twice he took five wickets in innings.

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