Wanted to try and make Pune a bit of a fortress – Smith

Wanted to try and make Pune a bit of a fortress - Smith

“It’s been good how we’ve been able to gel together as a team. I’d say for us and Gujarat as well, would’ve been the toughest for the two franchises, given that we were new teams. A lot of other teams have had their core players for a long time so they know each other really well. They have had many years of bonding together. It’s nice to be playing some good cricket at the same time; it helps,” he added.

Pune have found ways to sneak out wins in close games this season, much in contrast to last year, where they were on the receiving end. Pune have won five of their last six games and have strengthened their position in the top four, with four points separating them and the next-best Kings XI Punjab.

“I actually said to the group of guys that we had five games, four here (in Pune) and one in Mumbai. Not a lot of travel. Home ground, we wanted to try and make it a bit of a fortress. We’re four and two here if I’m right. That’s reasonable going. One more game to play here against the Kings, so hopefully we can make it 5 and 2. I’ve said that these five games are very important for us and I think we’ve played some really good cricket and it’s nice to get over the line and be in the position where we are now.

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