Change to English cricket is overdue – Morgan

Change to English cricket is overdue - Morgan

Eoin Morgan, England’s one-day captain, has reiterated his enthusiasm for the ECB’s new city-based T20 tournament, saying that the sport has to do whatever is necessary to persuade a new generation of fans to fall in love with the game.
“Change is always difficult but I don’t think this is change,” Morgan said during a Chance to Shine event in Uxbridge. “It probably should have happened a while ago. We’re always going to have the same cricket fans unless we do something differently.

“It’s a huge responsibility in growing the game. People are falling out of love with the game because it’s not engaging enough with the public.

‘Guys are paid a lot of money because they’re worth it. It becomes a shock for everyone at home because we haven’t been exposed enough to it’
“There’s an intention to have a lot of games on free-to-air, which is a huge part of it,” he added. “One of the biggest turning points in my generation has been the 2005 Ashes. To have a lot of people, especially in and around London, who aren’t necessarily into cricket talking about cricket is awesome, and to get that back it’s going to have be as big a change as taking cricket to free-to-air.”

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