England picking Kuldeep but need a better method – Graham Thorpe

Graham Thorpe

Batting coach Graham Thorpe believes that England’s batsmen are picking India’s left-arm wrist-spinner Kuldeep Yadav but admits they need to improve their method against him following his 6 for 25 in the first ODI at Trent Bridge.

“From what I’m hearing with my chats with them [the batsmen], it’s not like they can’t pick him — so for me, that’s important,” Thorpe said after the eight-wicket defeat by India at Trent Bridge. “It’s about looking at it logically and then working out a method of playing him. It’s more of the mental side. Also about being proactive with our movements at the crease against him so if you don’t pick him, you’re still in a good position to play him.”

“We responded well in the 20-over game and we’ve got to respond well in the 50-over games,” Thorpe said.”It reminds you of your development against spin bowling and that’s something we will continue to look at,” he said.

Joe is probably going through one of those periods in his career over the last month and a half where he hasn’t spent as much time at the crease as he has in the last four years,” he said.

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