England start as huge favourites- Ambrose

England start as huge favourites: Ambrose

“Whether it’s a pink or a red ball, the way they are playing now, I am very, very concerned,” Ambrose told BBC radio. “England are the favourites, they have just beaten South Africa 3-1… and South Africa are a better team than the West Indies at the moment. (England’s) confidence is sky high.

“The West Indies on the other hand will have to play exceptionally well, first of all to compete, let alone win a game. Speaking from the heart as a West Indian, I’m hoping they can at least win a match or compete. But as a realist, I’m not so sure they are going to compete against England,” he added.

Joel Garner, a member of the Caribbean side’s ‘foursome-fearsome’ pace quartet in the early 1980s and the current Windies team manager, said that the visitors shouldn’t be “written off”. He also added that they have skilful players and could surprise their critics.

“We will welcome them back because they are our better players but at the present moment we are here to play cricket. We’ve got to work with what we’ve got. We still have fight. We can’t keep looking and saying ‘we’ll wait and see if the other players come back as well’.There’s a lot more communication going on between the players and the officials, It can only get better,” Garner said.

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