Need to experiment to find best bowling combination: Kohli

Virat Kohli

Indian Cricket Team Captain Virat Kohli has stressed on the importance of playing good cricket instead of focussing on the rankings. Kohli also spoke about India’s number 4 conundrum, the need to keep the bowlers fresh and more ahead of the first ODI in Mumbai.

The No.4 conundrum

We certainly look to give chances to guys who we think have the ability to perform at this level. It’s not a situation where you just start giving chances to people so much that you compromise on winning the series because of lack of experience. We need to strike that good balance regularly. This series, Dinesh Karthik has come for KL. We felt KL opens mostly where he plays, we don’t want to have a situation like Jinks was going through in between – having to play in the middle order forcefully because the top order was doing well. We thought it’s better he gets some game time and Dinesh is more comfortable and more aware how to bat in the middle order. We need to strike in that good balance, bring in guys who have the ability, who have done well in domestic, who have done well for India ‘A’, you know track their performances and give them chances accordingly.

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On the bowling combination

This is something we need to experiment with to find our best bowling combination before reaching the World Cup stage. We always had in mind to bring wrist spinners into play. We honestly didn’t think of playing two together but they are so good together that it is very tempting to play them every game.

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On new rules

Few rules are very different. Batsmen reaching the crease and the bat bouncing later is not out. There’s a grey area to that as well. The rule of umpire’s call in DRS, you get the review back. There are few rule changes which are quite interesting. There’s one about catching as well where the first contact has to be in the field of play. I guess the guys would need to be aware of these, it is always difficult to keep a check on initially but we will all get used to it.

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