Need Latest Oxford Dictionary To Describe Virat Kohli, Says Ravi Shastri

Virat Kohli

Following his match-winning 35th ODI hundred, India team head coach Ravi Shastri described the red-hot form of the 29-year-old cricketer in his inimitable style. Running out of words to admire the batting style of Kohli, Shastri said that one should go to a bookstore to buy the latest Oxford dictionary to improve their vocabulary in order to praise the stylish right-handed batsman. “I have a tip for you. If I was in your position I know what I would be doing tomorrow. I would be going to the bookstore and buying the latest Oxford dictionary, just to improve my vocabulary (in praise of Kohli),” Shastri told PTI.

Kohli became the first Indian batsman to score three centuries in a bilateral ODI series and Shastri feels that the sheer impact of his brilliance makes him “world’s best batsman” at the moment.

“It’s not just about averages, it is the way you get runs when you get it, and the impact those runs have on what the team does. I would simply say he is the best batsman in the world now,” Shastri remarked.

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