Respect the conditions, says Tendulkar

Respect the conditions, says Tendulkar

At an average 30 degrees (C), it’s been a rather warm English summer this year. Warm enough to be considered an intolerable heatwave. The English have been rendered to abject suffering.

“It’s quite warm here,” says Sachin Tendulkar, enjoying his annual vacation in the Queen’s country. And as the conversation moves on to cricket, the batting legend is quick to add: “Weather’s going to be a critical factor”.

“Surfaces will decide how active the spinners get. If this weather stays,” says Tendulkar. “Drawing a balance between knowing that the disaster of 2014 has to be kept in mind and yet keeping in mind that it doesn’t really matter right now is what the players need to understand,” he says.

“Benefit of hindsight,” is what he touches upon, but with a different take. “The first basic rule (of an overseas tour): Respect conditions. It’s the key. The first morning of the series, that first over, the first spell – that’s always the key. It was the same in South Africa, it’ll be the same in England,” he says.


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