A season or two of County cricket will benefit Virat Kohli, says Kapil Dev

“Practice makes a man perfect. One has to practise those conditions,” he saidon Tuesday(March 6). “The bar which we as cricketers set for these people is that you have to be good in all conditions. That’s what we used to say about Allan Border or Vivian Richards or Sunil Gavaskar – they were players to play any part, anywhere, any kind of conditions, they used to perform.

“He (Kohli) has to get runs where it is considered to be the toughest conditions in the world.”

“If he can get it and if he can keep on playing there, I think it always helps. What we’re seeing, with his temperament, I think he’s good enough. It all depends if he gets a good start. He has the ability.

“If he can play a season or two in English county cricket there would be nothing wrong, because if you want to be the best player in the world you have to get runs everywhere. With so many players, we are seeing they are outstanding outside India or Pakistan, when they come to the subcontinent, they don’t get runs. Maybe they are playing on a fast, bouncy track and when it comes to a turning track they are not good enough.”

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