News- Sharjeel Khan to appeal against five-year ban

Sharjeel Khan to appeal against five-year ban

Pakistan opener Sharjeel Khan has decided to appeal against the five-year ban imposed on him by the Anti-Corruption Tribunal of the Pakistan Cricket Board for his role in spot-fixing in the second edition of the Pakistan Premier League held earlier this year.

“Yes we have decided that we will appeal the ban as we have our reservations over the tribunal finding Sharjeel guilty of three major charges which include doing spot-fixing and agreeing to spot-fix a match in the Pakistan Super League,” Ejaz said.

Reiterating his stance from earlier, Ejaz insisted PCB failed to submit any evidence against his client during the course of the hearings. “When the Board could not produce any evidence against Sharjeel confirming that he agreed to spot-fix a match in the PSL, we are not happy with the decision and we plan to appeal it when the time comes,” Ejaz added.

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Sharjeel’s ban is effective from February 10, 2017 – the time he was initially suspended under the anti-corruption code of the PCB in the inaugural week of PSL-2 and sent back home from Dubai.

“There is no question of any financial transaction taking place between my client and this bookmaker and nothing of this sort was shown before the tribunal. There is no evidence to suggest Sharjeel did spot-fixing at any time,” he said.

On the other hand, PCB’s legal advisor, Tafazzul Rizvi, said that the board too has its reservations against the tribunal’s decision to not impose a fine on the cricketer and his punishment being a suspended ban. “We have reservations that despite being charged on all counts, the tribunal did not impose any fine on Sharjeel. We also have issues with two years and six months of his five- year ban being a suspended sentence,” Rizvi said.

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