The image of Baggy Green has been tarnished – Kim Hughes

Kim Hughes, the former Australian captain, says Cricket Australia (CA) should impose a lengthy suspension on disgraced captain Steve Smith as the ugly fallout of the ball tampering scandal continues.

Hughes, who captained 28 Tests from 1979-84, said Smith deserved to be strongly punished. “The captain takes full responsibility and this was a pre-meditated tactic by the captain and whomever else,” he told Cricbuzz. “It was disgraceful and cricket will play a big price with Cricket Australia in the midst of negotiating a new television deal. The image of the Baggy Green has been tarnished.”

“James Sutherland needed to speak to Smith immediately and ask three questions,” Hughes said. “One, who was at the meeting (to hatch the plan)? Second, how did Bancroft get involved? Third, were any coaches involved?

“It wasn’t well handled and I would have thought there will be serious questions (on Sutherland) amid the clean out,” he added.

“He’s (Bancroft) known as a genuine guy,” he said. “His attitude is sensational and he is the type of player that wants to do the team thing. The captain threw Bancroft under the bus.”

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