This series has been bizarre, crazy, ridiculous – Du Plessis

“Ball shining versus ball tampering is two different situations, and one is more serious than the other,” the South Africa captain said on Sunday (March 25). Prodded on to give a peek into his Australian counterpart’s mind space, du Plessis said: “It’s difficult for me to give an answer which I think is right. It’s so difficult to say which is right and which is wrong. Obviously he is trying to take responsibility, so there is right in that. There is also right in holding other people responsible for their own actions.

“I can understand it’s a really tough time for him to be in now. The situation I was in was really difficult for me because people were attacking me, my personality and my character and I felt it was wrong, it wasn’t fair. I don’t know how he feels but I imagine it is a really tough time.

“When I was in Australia it felt like the same intensity. I was being followed everywhere I went. The media looked the same as it does now. But there are probably bigger organisations and people that want to get involved. I think it’s unfair for me to comment on what they think. My situation I feel was a little bit different than this.”


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