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Top 10 Best Cricket Umpires of all Time

Cricket Umpire value is to manage the game played by players during the cricket tournament. Umpire have authority to take right decisions without any permission of board. Umpire is the member of cricket match but role is non playing batsman or bowler. There are two umpire in cricket fields both work also to keep whole record of full match including deliveries ,appeals,wickets overs etc.

Cricket Umpire is responsible for all runs made by whole match.Cricket matches have two umpires on the field, one standing at the end where the bowler delivers the ball (Bowler’s end), and one directly opposite the facing batsman (usually, but not always, at square leg).

If we talk about modern game there are more than two umpires , Test matches includes four umpires two on-field umpires, a third umpire access to video replays, and a fourth umpire who looks after the match balls.

Since 2002, the ICC has two panels of umpires: namely the Elite Panel of Umpires (two of which are, in theory, appointed to each Test Match) and the larger International Panel of Umpires.

List Of Best Umpires In Cricket History

10) Daryl Harper

NationalityTest MatchesODIT20

9)Ian Gould

NationalityTest MatchesODIT20

8)Steve Bucknor

NationalityTest MatchesODIT20

7)Marais Erasmus

NationalityTest MatchesODIT20
South Africa265220

6)Billy Bowden

NationalityTest MatchesODIT20
New Zealand7918921

5)Kumar Dharmasena

NationalityTest MatchesODIT20
Sri Lankan265417

4)Simon Taufel

NationalityTest MatchesODIT20

3)David Shepherd

NationalityTest MatchesODIT20

2)Aleem Dar

NationalityTest MatchesODIT20

1)Dickie Bird

NationalityTest MatchesODIT20

Umpire Decisions-

1) Out
2) No-ball
3) Free Hit
4) Wide
5) Dead ball


1) Four
2) Six
3) Bye
4) Leg Bye
5) Short run
6) Television replay
7) Penalty runs
8) Last hour
9) Revoke last signal
10) New Ball
11) Power Play

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