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Adam Gilchrist: A legend we will always remember

Great games are bound to create great players, cricket perhaps is among the most loved and played game throughout the world. Its fan following knows no bounds. For decades, the game has produced legends. These people are known for their amazing skills either as a bowler, batsman, fielder or wicket keeper. We have developed a series of 25 articles each article will make you acquainted with one of the best players among top 25 players of all time.

In this article, we will focus on Adam Gilchrist, the player who is at 25 on our list of top 25 players of all time. He is ex-Australian opening left-hand batsman and excellent wicket keeper.

Personal Life

Born in 1971, Adam Gilchrist is the youngest of the four children. Married to his high school love, Gilchrist is enjoying his marital life. He has three sons, Harrison, Ted and Archie. Even as a kid, Adam was exceptionally talented in the game of cricket. During his school years, Gilchrist won Brain Taber Shield, he was the captain of Kadina High School cricket team and he was selected for the state under-17 cricket team. In 1989, London-based Richmond Cricket Club offered him scholarship and currently he supports this program himself.

Domestic Career:

Adam started his domestic career in 1991 when he got selected for an Australian national Youth Team. The team toured England, after his return he was accepted in Australian Cricket Academy. From 1992-1994, Adam played for New South Wales. In 1994, he left New South Wales and joined Western Australia, he played for them for 8 years. In 2008, he started playing for Deccan chargers till 2010. In 2010, Gilchrist joined Middlesex and in 2011-2013, he played for Kings XI Punjab.

National Career

Adam made his debut on 5th November 1999 in a Test match against Pakistan. During the test match, he took five catches and made 89 in the first inning and 149 in the second innings. His first ODI was on 25th of October in 1996 against South Africa. He wasn’t particularly very good with the bat in this match however, he did take his first wicket as an international wicket keeper. So far, Adam has played in 96 test matches, 287 ODI, 190 FC and 356 List A matches. He made 5, 5570 runs in his test match career and 9,619 in his ODI matches. 10,335 runs were made in FC and 11, 3326 runs were achieve in List A competitions. His good batting average is one reason behind him being on our list. His test match batting average is 47.60, ODI is 35.89, FC is 44.16 and List A is 34.95. He has made 17 centuries in his test career and 16 centuries in his ODI career. He also made 26 half centuries in test matches and 55 half centuries in ODIs. Adam also captained his team in six test

matches out of which Australia won four, lost one and one was a draw.The outstanding batsman made best 204 not out score against South Africa in 2001-2002. His ODI best is 172, FC best 204 and List A best 172. He was awarded the Best Dismissals by a Wicket Keeper award because of his 416 dismissals in 2008. In the same year, Adam was also given the title of Most Test Centuries by a Wicket keeper. He made 17 test centuries.

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