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Chris Gayle History

Chris Gayle: Un-replaceable Jamaican Cricketer

Another legend in the game of cricket is Chris Gayle, a Jamaican cricketer. Chric Gayle was born on 21st September in 1979. He is considered to be among the most dangerous men to reckon with in the world of cricket. He is famous for his big hits and numerous world records that he has made in all formats of the game. No matter whether it’s a Test match, an ODI or a T20, Gayle has everything that the game demands. He is among those players that lead their team to victory regardless the mess they are in at that moment. He is an excellent opening left-hand batsman and right arm offbreak bowler.

Early and Domestic Career:

The cricket star started his early career with the very famous Lucas Cricket Club. He also played for West Indies at the youth level. He started playing for Jamaica in 1989 and he still plays for it. In 2005, he joined Worcestershire, in 2008-2010 he played for Kolkata Knight Riders and in 2009-2011 he started playing for Western Warriors. Then in 2011 till present date, Gyale plays for Royal Challengers Bangalore in the IPL. In 2011-2014, he played for Sydney Thunder and in 2012 he played for Barisal Burners. In 2013, he started playing for Jamaica Tallawahs and he still plays for them in the same year he joined Dhaka Gladiators and is still part of the team. In 2014, he played for Highveld Lions and in 2015-present he is playing for Melbourne Renegades. In 2015, he also played for Barisal Bulls and Somerset.

International Career

At the age of 19 this exceptionally talented player made his international debut for Jamaica. After 11 months, he played his first One Day International Match and six month after that he played his first Test match. Gyale has been outstanding throughout his career, but 2002 was his lucky year. He made three centuries during that year and became the third West Indies player that has scored more than 1,000 runs in one calendar year.

Galye has played 103 test matches and made 7214 runs during these matches. He has made 15 centuries during his Test match career and his top score is 333, marking him as one of the four players in the history of cricket how have scored triple centuries. His batting average in the Test matches was 42.18 and he is among the few players who have hit a six on the first ball of a test match. He made 36 half centuries in his Test match career. In his ODI career, Gyale has made impressive 9,139 run in 269 matches. His batting average during the ODIs was 37.30 and he made 22 centuries and 47 half centuries. His best ODI score was 215.

The amazing Bowler

Besides being an outstanding and exceptionally talented batsman, Chris has also being an amazing fielder. He has taken 96 catches/stumping in Test Cricket and 112 in ODI form of the game. You might be surprised to learn that he is also an impressive bowler. Twice has he made the record of taking 5 wickets in one innings in Test cricket and once in ODI cricket. He has bowled 7, 222 bowls in Test cricket, taken 73 wickets with the bowling average of 42.73 and 5/34 as career best. Likewise, he has bowled 12,511 bowls in ODI form of the game with an average of 35.20 and career best 5/46.

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