Australian Former umpire Lou Rowan dies aged 91

Former umpire Lou Rowan dies aged 91

Australian umpire Lou Rowan who was at the centre of the 1971 controversy in which England captain Ray Illingworth led his team off the SCG, has died at the age of 91.

Rowan officiated in 25 Tests as well as the inaugural one-day international, and was one of Australia’s leading umpire through much of the 1960s. Prior to his death he was also Australia’s oldest living Test umpire, and away from the game he was a former Queensland drug squad detective.

“It is not a happy thought that, as an umpire, I might have been the spark to explode Anglo-Australian Test cricket relations to smithereens,” Rowan wrote. “But I have no regrets for my part in the affair; I would act no differently in similar circumstances now, whether at club or international cricket level.”

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