Important to make Rahul feel secure – Kohli

“It is very important for us to make him feel that this is his spot,” Kohli said. “And it won’t be changed because of unfortunate events that happen outside of the playing field or the injuries that you can’t control. That phase you have to come back, get stronger. He has really stuck it out in that phase. It’s been hard for him, we all know that, because he was batting so well and then he was out because of this.

“It is very important to make him feel secure and he deserves it because he has given us those big performances when the team has required it the most. He is a guy who needs to be backed and we as a team, as management, and me as captain all back him 100%.”

Kohli didn’t want any ambivalence around who the pre-eminent opener was. “Obviously KL has been our established opener,” he said. “I feel one of the openers will have to make way for KL because what he’s done in the past two years for us has been very solid, and he deserves to come back and start fresh in Test cricket again. We have a team meeting later on, after practice. We’ll be able to clarify that then, but yes, according to me, KL will definitely come back into the XI.”

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