India look to set the tone as overseas challenges begin

India look to set the tone as overseas challenges begin

Virat Kohli and his side have been in ground breaking form. They have vanquished top oppositions with relative ease, even if it was in the comforts of home, and have shown that they are more than ready for challenges abroad. And the confidence doesn’t come from just the incredible run of form they had over the last year – winning 12 off the 17 Tests they played, and losing just once. Form and momentum matter, yes, but the shape of India’s victories mattered more.

Ashwin has an off day, Jadeja steps up. If Shami fails to impress, Umesh comes to the party. If Kohli fails, Pujara stays. If Rahane flops, Saha props. If the batting comes undone, bowlers do the repair job. And for all of the above the reverse holds true, too. The side is able to maintain a level of stability to it, and the core group has only been beefing up, adding more numbers and variety to itself.

Ashwin impressed upon too. “I said some of the individuals have put their hand up and done exceedingly well for the team to get here. So as you all know with some excellent and exceedingly good performances from the individuals, it becomes imperative that it becomes constant of the side. I think it’s been an effect of that. You can’t say constancy is one of those factors but these individuals standing up on a day today basis has made things easier for the team and made that constancy to get us here. And going forward we have to try and replicate and see if we can get those results abroad,” he said in Galle.

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