India’s fielding has improved more than 100%: Biju George

For every leaping catch, diving stop and sliding save made by the Indian women, a lot of credit should go to the fielding coach Biju George from Kerala, who has been with the team from the start of the 2017 World Cup in England. “The improvement, I would say, is more than 100%. The players are spending one hour of every training session on fielding. Naturally, the differences are there to see,” Biju, back in his hometown in Thiruvananthapuram, told TOI.

Biju, a SAI coach on a two-year deputation with the BCCI, is ever alert to the stats and their importance in coaching. “Globally, including men’s cricket, on average 1.1 catches are being dropped per game. But if you look at the ODI and T20 series against South Africa, in seven completed matches, we dropped only five. So we have managed to stay way below the global mark for one full series,” said Biju, a BCCI level-3 certified coach who has specialized in fielding.


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