Kolkata comeback a ‘morale booster’ – Saha

India’s comeback in the second innings of the Kolkata Test against Sri Lanka boosted the team’s morale, wicketkeeper-batsman Wriddhiman Saha said on Wednesday (November 22).
“We could not play that well in the first innings as we wanted to,” Saha admitted. “But, the way we came back, batted in the second innings -Shikhar ,Virat,KL Rahul – and then the bowlers attacking in their second innings, 70-odd for 7 wickets is a morale booster for us. We came close to the result. If we had more time, possibly we could have won.”

Saha doesn’t consider it as an opportunity lost for India as the initial target was to save the game after losing momentum in the first innings. “We tried to take 10 wickets in the second innings, we took seven of them. Time was also spoken about. First, we looked to save, when to declare, then if they cannot go for it, then attack. Team plan was for bowlers to go and attack and they took seven wickets,” Saha pointed out.

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“I have not seen the pitch,” he said. “It was covered. Pace-friendly or spin-friendly, we will try to take breakthroughs initially if they bat first and take the match deep and try and win the match. Ultimately that will be the aim. Whatever the pitch, we will go with the flow.

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