Kuldeep and Chahal could be massive factors at World Cup – Kohli


Virat Said – “I don’t have words to explain this,” Kohli said. “It’s outstanding to see two guys just totally spinning a web around the opposition. There doesn’t seem to be a way out at all. It’s unbelievable. Credit to them. Both have been working hard on their game. Both are very brave in terms of how they bowl and the kind of fields they want as well. They are very brave tossing the ball and asking the batsman to come out and play a risky shot. Hats off to them but the other debate is a bit away from now. You never know what happens in the future but I am really happy at the moment.”

Both Chahal and Kuldeep have stated that their effectiveness stems from having received a univocal brief to attack at all times, even at the risk of going for boundaries. This in turn has allowed them to toss another ball up, slower if possible, despite getting hit off the previous. This has enabled them to continuously elicit mishits.

“The thing is very simple. They are told to go for wickets at all times. When you are going for wickets you are bowling in areas that are uncomfortable for the batsmen and more often than not they end up defending. When you bowl wide and try to save runs then you give an opportunity to take singles also. So I think all the credit has to go to them because they’ve executed those lines and lengths perfectly,” Kohli said.


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