South Africa Vs Australia: ICC Clears Kagiso Rabada To Play Third Test

The International Cricket Council (ICC) on Tuesday cleared South African fast bowler Kagiso Rabada to play international cricket with immediate effect. Rabada will be available for selection for the Cape Town Test against Australia. Rabada was found guilty of conduct that is contrary to the spirit of the game, an offence under Article 2.1.1 of the Code.

“The key issue is whether Mr Rabada made ‘inappropriate and deliberate physical contact’ with Mr Smith. I am not ‘comfortably satisfied’ that Mr Rabada intended to make contact and I therefore find him not guilty of the charge under 2.2.7,” Judicial Commissioner Michael Heron said.

Heron QC of New Zealand was appointed as the Judicial Commissioner for the hearing.

“I am entitled, however, to consider whether the conduct involved constitutes a lower level offence. I consider the conduct was inappropriate, lacked respect for his fellow player and involved non-deliberate and minor contact. The actions contravened the principle that a dismissed batsman should be left alone.

“I consider a penalty of the imposition of a fine of 25% of the applicable match fee to be the appropriate penalty for the breach of Article 2.1.1. As a consequence, 1 demerit point accrues. Mr. Rabada will be well aware of the consequences of any further breaches of the code,” Heron stated.

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