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Dennis Keith Lille

Dennis Keith Lille: An excellent fast pace bowler

Dennis Keith Lille, what a player. He was one of the best players of his generation. Everyone was in awe of his cricket talent. Besides being an extraordinary player, Keith is a man of strong will power. He is a man who was known for his never say die attitude. He would give everything for something he really wants to achieve. The best example of this is when he faced a back injury that nearly destroyed his career, instead of giving up Keith made sure that he gets back on the field. He followed a very strict fitness routine and fought his way back to the world of cricket. This Australian amazing right arm fast bowler was famous among the fans. He was loved by every cricket fan in the world.

Early Life

Dennis Keith Lille was born on the 18th of July in 1949 in Subiaco, Western Asutralia. Even as a kid, Keith was a big fan of cricket. His parents along with his teachers were aware of his passion for the game and they encouraged him to take cricket as his career. Besides being an excellent cricket, Keith was also a very generous man.

Domestic Career

Keith made his domestic career debut at the age of 20 for Western Australia. His performance in the match and raw pace was impressive. He is among the very few who managed to take 32 wickets in his debut season. His high wicket taking ability was something that was uncommonly seen at that time. His stable and steady performance throughout the season secured him a place in Australian second team. During his tour of New Zealand with the second team, Keith managed to take 18 wickets with an excellent average of 16.44. in 1987-88, Keith represented Tasmania and in 1988 he started playing for Northamtonshire.

International Career

The very next season, Keith was chosen to play for Australian team. He made his test career debut against a match in England in 1970-71 Ashes series. His performance was okay during the match, he took 5 wickets while giving away 84 runs. John Edrich was his first wicket. In the same year, against World XI, Keith made an outstanding record. He took 8 wickets by just giving away 29 runs.

Back Injury

During the 1972-73 Test series against Pakistan, Keith felt sharp pain in his back, but he ignored it and continued playing the game. The pain stayed with him even during his tour to West Indies, however during this tour he could no longer ignore it and went down completely. He was diagnosed with stress fracture in his lower vertebrae. This caused him to leave the cricket world and speculating such as his bowling career has come to an end started to surface. But, Keith went under intensive physiotherapy and managed to be a part of the cricket world again in 1974.

During his Test career, Keith has played 70 matches bowled 18467 bowls, took 355 wickets with a bowling average of 13.71. His best was 7/83, he took five wickets in one innings 23 times and 10 wickets in a match 7 times. In his ODI career, he played 63 matches, bowled 359 runs, took 103 wickets with a bowling average of 20.82. His best was 5/34 and took five wickets in a match once.

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