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History of Sir Ian Botham

Sir Ian Botham: Sports Personality of 1980s

Ian Botham is not only one of the best cricketers of English side but he was also a leading sports personality of 1980s. During his entire career, Botham made headlines. Within the year his debut, he become very popular not only among his team mates, coaches but also among general audience. He was considered to be the best all-rounder of his team. No other had talent and skills that matched his. Within three years, he was declared as the captain of the team.

Early Life

He was born on 24th November 1955 in Heswall to parents who were big fan of cricket. Both his parents were excellent cricket players. He started his school in Yeovil, Somerset and joined the schools’ cricket team. After 15, he started playing cricket for Somerset Country Cricket Club. In 1976, he married Kathryn, together they had three children one son and two daughters.

Domestic Career

Botham performance in his debut first class cricket didn’t turn out to be well. His bowling performance was okay however, he did manage to score pretty well. He made 91 in a match against Glamorgan, 82 against Cornwall and 51 against Gloucester.

In his entire first class cricket, Botham scored 19,399 runs and he took 1,172 wickets. His dedication to cricket was beyond words, once during a match against Hampshire, a ball hit his mouth. Instead of leaving the game, Botham simply spat out a teeth and went on playing. He played for Somerset from 1974 to 86, later he started playing for Queensland from 1987-88. In 1987-91 he represented Worcestershire and in 1992-93 he was part of Durham.

International Career

Botham played his first International Test match against Australia in 1997 on 28th July. He scored 74 runs and took five wickets in his first innings. His last Test match was on 18th June in 1992. This match was against Pakistan and as expected Botham performance in his match was also exceptionally good. His first One Day International was against West Indies on 26th August 1976. He played his last ODI against Pakistan in August, 1992.

In his test career, he played 102 games in which he scored 5200 runs. He had an excellent batting average of 33.54 with an amazing top score of 208. He made 14 centuries and 22 half centuries in his entire Test cricket career. During these 102 matches he bowled 21815 balls and took 383 wickets. He had a bowling average of 28.40 and his bowling best was 8 wickets while giving away just 34 runs. He took 5 wickets in an innings 27 times and five four times he was able to take 10 wickets in an innings.

During his One Day International Career he played 116 matches and scored 2113 runs. Botham had a batting average of 23.21 and he didn’t score any century. However, he did mage 9 half centuries. He bowled 6271 balls and took 145 wickets. His bowling average in ODI format of the game was 28.54 and his best was 4/31.

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