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History Of Cathryn Lorraine Fitzpatrick

History Of Cathryn Lorraine Fitzpatrick

History Of Cathryn Fitzpatrick – The former Women cricketer who has set a benchmark for fastest bowling in the world. She is the one who created fear in the minds of batsmen with her bowling. She made them regret for taking cricket as profession with her bowling. She played in Australia and victoria Team and was born on March 4th 1968 in Melbourne, Victoria. She has Right hand batting and right arm fast bowling styles. She was renowned as the world’s fastest women pace bowler. Her bowling was up to 125km/hr which is a never seen before pace. She played her first competitive match at the age of 11 and 1t 23yrs she made her first debut for Australia.

In her cricket career from 1991 to 2007, she set an ultimate benchmark for all the bowlers throughout the world with her bowling speed.
It’s a wonder how a women can bowl at that speed. Isnt it?

She says that she started playing cricket with her brother from the younger age. Her brother always chose batting and she had no option other than bowling. Even he gets out, he would not agree with her, he instead says to stop the game but has never done bowling. This is how with no choice, she started bowling and learnt to tackle the batters on her own. She began to enjoy the thrill of bowling and planned the strategies to get them out. She even started to work out on the weaknesses of the batters and continued that throughout her career.

This smart women started playing Cricket from the era when cricket is not considered as the profession for women. In 1991, she made her first International debut and played in 13 Test matches. She scored 152 runs with an average batting speed of 16.88 along with one half century.

She scored 651 runs at 16.69 playing in 109 Women’s One day Internationals. She took 180 wickets in the same matches at 16.69. She is the women who has taken most wickets which was later surpassed in May 2017 by Jhulan Goswami. She was member of Women’s World Cup team in 1997 and 2005. Team won in both the matches. She is also recognized for being the oldest woman cricketer who has taken five wicket in Women’s ODI at the age of 37.

At the age of 39, she decided to take retirement from the matches keeping in mind her increasing age and injuries and took the retirement by saying that “You can’t keep playing forever and there comes a point when you have to call it a day” to the press.

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