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Top Facts About The Historic 1975-1976 Indian Vs West Indies Cricket Match.

Cricket has always been known as a game of passion for many, and this has attracted a lot of fans to supporting this game. This has eventually led to the cricket sport being ranked among the top sports in the world with the likes of Rugby and Soccer. The rivalry between the West Indies and the Indian national cricket is one that sparks a lot of anxiety among many cricket fans to watch the game. This rivalry resulted in the match between India and West Indies in 1975-1976. This was a test match that took place during the West Indies tour in 1976 from 1975. Here are the top facts that you need to know about the 1975- 1976 Indian VS West Indies Test Matches.

• The Fastest and dangerous Bowling of Clive Lloyd.

The Test Match between India and West Indies that took place in Sabina Park was the one that in which Clive Lloyd made the record on the fastest Bowling in the history of cricket. The Bowling was not only fast but also dangerous since it the half top-order of the Indian team was sent hospital. The Indian Captain Bishan Singh Bedi had to surrender the match. During this match, India lost to West Indies by 3-2.

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• Racial Abuses.

This is one of the common vices that took place during the tests matches in 1976. For instance, the livid Sunil Gavaskar was had hauling racial sentiments about the Jamaicans. The Australian fans also hauled racial abuses to the players of the opponent teams. Gavaskar racial taunts during a match between India and Jamaica made the Jamaicans to bay for his blood.

• The Historical Matches.

The 1976 tests were the amazing performance that led to most of the cricket teams to record a sterling performance ever in the history of Cricket. For instance, the Third Test in which India won against Jamaica with a leading 161 leading scores was superb. The India’s victory against West Indies was also one of the historic victories that have ever been experienced in the history of crickets. This was a massive and un doubtful win of over 403 points. The Match between India and West Indies also appeared in the historical book of records when India had to surrender to West Indies. This surrender was due to the fast bowling tactics that the West Indies was using during the matches. India deemed the tactics as vicious and dangerous to their players. These tactics were commonly employed by the West Indies.

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• The Sabina Parks Ground.

The Sabina Park ground is one of the grounds that will always linger on the Indian Cricket Players for decades. This a ground where the India team never recorded a clear victory during their games. It’s only in 2006 that India managed to record a massive win against the West Indies team. The West Indies team has been one of the greatest cricket teams in the history of cricket this is attributed to the massive victories that the team has had for over decades.

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