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Top Worst Racism Discrimination In The History Of Cricket.

Racism is one of the vices that most sports personalities usually encounter. This is also a vice ion sports that most of the sports official usually fight to keep it away. Cricket like any other sport usually faces this problem racisms among the players and fans. Most of the racism events usually occur in the tight derbies in the world. Racism remarks usually form a dark cloud among the players and it is usually done in order to intimidate the opponents. Here is the dark side in the history of cricket that was sparked by racism remarks in cricket.

1. Controversial Remarks on Basil D’Oliviera.

Basil D’Oliviera is a South Africa-born England cricketer who faced some racism remarks when playing for South Africa. This event marked one of the darkest side of the South Africa Cricket that emerged that the cricket had to relocate to England. This is because the player felt he had lost the First Class Cricket on the South African team. Days and years passed and there came the South Africa tour in 1968-69 and the player was never selected for the England side. This was dated back to the past racism remarks that the player received while in South Africa.

2. The Grovel Term.

This is one of the strong and powerful racial remarks that was prevalent during the racism time’s back then in the history of crickets. This is a term that was commonly used among the players and fans from the Australian National team. For instance, Tony Grieg made a grovel remark during the 1976 series against the Wes Indies that outraged the West Indies fans and players.

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3. The Gandhi Mistreatment.

This was one of the worst racism incidences that took place during the infamous rebel tour in 1983. Colin Croft was flogged out of the train by a white conductor. The conductor alleged that the train was only meant for the white people. Colin was traveling on the carriage together with another white passenger who was with him.

4. Jackman Racial Incident.

This is one of the memorable and sad racial events in the history of cricket. This incident occurred when England had toured South Africa Robin Jackman was deported back to England after being denied a Visa. This is because he was blacklisted by the SANROC committee for racial allegations during the Apartheid time.

5. Brian Lara Racial Sentiments to Kenyans.

The Kenyan Cricket team are always considered as the undergo team and after a shocking victory against the West Indies team during the 1996 World Cup Lara made some racial remarks. According to Lara’s sentiments, it is not a big deal losing to blacks than the whites.

6. The Monkeygate Racial Sidney.

This is one of the memorable racial slurs that took place during the Sidney Tour. The Clash between Harbhajan Singh and Andre Symonds with allegations that Andrew had called Singh a monkey was what occurred during that test event in Sidney.

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