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History Of Kapil Dev

Kapil Dev: An Indian Legend

India has been producing excellent cricketers every now and then, but very few matched the talent of Kapil Dev. He was known to be one of the best all-rounder’s India has ever produced. His innate talent for cricket and his passion for the game have secured him the 5th position in our list. If his bowling was special, his batting was one of a kind. He was known to be the master with both the bowl as well as the bat. Dev have made many records. He was leading the Indian cricket team in the world cup of 1983, the cricket world cup which they won. Kapil has severed his country not only as an excellent cricketer but also coached the Indian team.

Early Life

Kapil Dev Ramlal Nikhanj, but common known as Kapil Dev was born on the 6th of January 1959. His father was a timber contractor. Even as a kid, Kapil was a fan of cricket. His passion for the game was appreciated and encouraged by not only his parents but also his teachers. He was a student at DAV School and later in 1971 he went to Desh prem Azad. In 1979, Kampil was introduced to Romi Bhatia, his future wife, through a friend. After one year of relationship he proposed her and they got married the same year. After six years of marriage, Dev had a daughter Amiya Dev.

Domestic Career

Dev debut match was against Haryana in 1975. He took 6 wickets, that season Dev took 121 wickets in just 30 matches. This amazing start propelled his way to the national team. In 1976-77 he played against Jammu Kashmir, his performance throughout this season was also outstanding. He played for Haryana in 197-1992, later in 1984-1985 Dev started playing for Worcestershire and in 1981 till 1983 he represented Northamptonshire.

International Career

Dev made his Test debut against Pakistan on 16th October 1978. His performance in the match wasn’t as good as his performance in the domestic debut, but he did secure his place in the team due to his ability to startle the Pakistani batsman. His last Test match was against New Zealand on the 19th of March in 1994. During in 24 years of Test career, Dev played 131 games, he scored 5248 run and had a batting average of 31.05. He made 8 centuries and 27 half centuries, his top score was 163. He bowled 27740 balls and took 434 wickets with the bowling best of 9/82. He took five wickets in an innings 23 times and twice he managed to take 10 wickets.

He played his first ODI on 1st October 1978 against Pakistan and his last match was against West Indies on 17 October 1994. In his ODI career, he played 225 games, scored 3783 runs with a top score of 175. He made one century and 14 half centuries with a batting average of 23.70. He took bowled 11202 balls and took 253 wickets. Once he was able to take 5 wickets in a match and his bowling best was 5/43.

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