Top 10 longest Sixes In International Cricket

Top 10 longest six

10.MS Dhoni-India (Against Australia)

​Distance – 112 metres
Dhoni hit a long six in 2011-12 match against Australia.
Area-long off area, 112 meters in length.
Over-last over of the second innings, India needs 12 runs of last 4 balls.That was a massiv helicopter shot by the captain.

9.Ijaz Ahmed-Pakistan (Against England)

​​Distance – 113 metres
Ijaz Ahmed hit a long six in 1999 match against England.
Area-cleared the stadium, 113 meters in length.
Pakistan on that match hit two sixes and both done by Ijaz Ahmed.

8.Chris Gayle-West Indies (Against India)

​​​Distance – 115 metres
Chris Gayle hit a six in ICC World T20 in 2010.
Bowler- Yusuf Pathan
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7.Shahid Afridi-Pakistan (Against Australia)

​​​Distance – 115 metres
Australia in 2005,On 30th January Shahid Afridi did this magic against australia perth.
Over-42 of the innings.
Due to long hits of Shahid Afridi most fans called by his new name i.e Boom Boom Afridi.

6.MS Dhoni-India (Against New Zealand)

​​​Distance – 117 metres​
Indian cricket team captain Mahendra singh dhoni hit this 117m in March 2009.
Area-long off area.
Shot helicopter.

5.Mark Waugh-Australia (Against New Zealand)

​​​Distance – 118 metres
Year-November, 1997

4.Yuvraj Singh-India (Against Australia)

​​​Distance – 119 Metres
Year-September, 2007
Against-Brett Lee.
Area-flick towards the leg.

3.Corey Anderson-New Zealand (Against India)

​​​Distance – 120 metres
Year-January-February, 2014
Against-Ishant Sharma.
Area-flick towards the leg.
Over-40th over of the innings cruised onto the top of Napier’s stands.

2.Shahid Afridi-Pakistan (Against South Africa)

​​​Distance – 122 metres.
Over-40th over of the innings cruised onto the top of Napier’s stands.

1.Albert Trott-Australia, England

​​​Distance – 125 metres.
Albert Trott was a player for both England and Australia in the late 1800s.
Area-cleared the structure of the Lord’s Cricket Ground.
On the top list of 10 Albert Trott is on the number 1 stage.We all are waiting for new records.
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