Australian players deserve to be paid very well – Sutherland

Australian players deserve to be paid very well - Sutherland

“We’re very comfortable with where it’s all landed, and having the level of certainty that’s needed to proceed with plans for this summer,” Sutherland said. “Even looking further ahead, it’s amazing how something like this can be all-consuming for a period of time but then, once it’s done, everyone moves on very quickly and is focused on the task at hand.

“Whether it’s players involved in a Test series in Bangladesh, or on the management and operational side where it’s preparation for a big summer of cricket and the Ashes. We’ve only just signed off on the long-form agreement, but over the next couple of months we’ll have a closer look at learnings that can be applied onto the future,” he added.

Sutherland was also pleased with the fact that the women’s cricketers were recognised by being included in the MoU for the first time. He is hopeful of the revenue continuing to rise over the next few years so that all parties end up satisfied. “We haven’t got much credit for the fact that the women’s side of things was all our proposal, basically in its entirety our proposal was accepted and adopted and it’s a great thing for women’s sport in Australia and particularly for cricket to be leading the way there,” he said.
“We’ve had a really strong last five years in terms of growth in the game, and that’s partly because as an organisation we have a very strong and clear focus on strategy,” he said. “And as the new strategy comes around and we set our sights on what we want to achieve in the next period.

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