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The Most Historic Performances Of The Indian Cricket Team

Checking into the history cricket the Indian Men Cricket is one of the teams that has recorded a very sterling performance in the world of cricket. Most of the performances that are delivered by this team are so superb that one can’t afford to watch them play again. Down the aisle, the cricket team of India has always recorded this performance, but one can’t tell their main secret of success. But I do firmly believe that that is attributed to the hard work and energy that the team focuses on during its matches. Following the Cricket History of the India Team this team has always be adorned with legendary and highly talented players as compared to their opponents. Here are some of the historical performances that this team has recorded during the various and most important tournaments that the team has taken part in.

• Ending the Unbeaten Run of South Africa.

South Africa is one of the talented cricket team in the world this after recording one of the longest unbeaten records in the history of cricket. This is the unbeaten 32 away matches in cricket since October of 2007. The India’s Cricket put a halt in this long run when they hammered the South Africans in one of the epic matches. This achievement actually placed the Indian Cricket on the gleam of the world as one of the top players to be feared in the cricket division.

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• A Draw in a Test Series with Australia.

The Australian National Team is also considered as one of the toughest and tuff cricket teams in the history of cricket. When the Indian Cricket team had a draw with the team in the 2000 test series, then it actually meant a lot to them and earned them a major spot among the top cricket teams. Also during the 2004/2005 Australian Tour, the team was also able to beat the Australian team 2-1 after Harbhajan Sing recorded a hat-trick. He was actually the first Indian to have a hat-trick.

• The 2003 Australia World Cup.

This is one of the top tournaments that the Indian team recorded a remarkable performance in the history of Cricket. During this tournament, the Indian Cricket managed to come second after Australia. This was the first world cup the Indian team had managed to reach the finals but only came second after being hammered by Australia.

• Clinching a Test Series.

India also made history after winning the Caribbean Test series for the first time since 1989. India managed to secure the cup after thwarting the West Indies 1-0 in the finals. This took place after the 2011 world cup.

• Attaining the 2nd Position in the ICC world Ranking.

The Indian team had to smash the Srilanka team 1-0 so as to achieve the 2 position after displacing England. This was one of their top and best ranking in the history of cricket. This is a performance that will be lived to be remembered in the history account.

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