India Set To Begin The West Indies Tour For 7 Weeks To Start On 6th July.

The West Indies Tours is one of the highly anticipated events for the Indian Team where they are expected to test their game abilities and practice a lot so as to up their game. During the West Indies tour, the Indian Cricket Team will be expected to perform four tests and two practice matches. The schedule and match fixtures and already out and the teams to be played are already drawn to the board. Antigua and Barbuda, Trinidad, Jamaica, St Lucia and Tobago are the exact venues where the Tests will be played at. Below is the exact schedule for the Indian Cricket team during the West Indies Tours that is set to begin on 6TH of July from the Head of operations at the West Indies Cricket Board. The squad that will perform during the tour is also yet to be announced by the management.

From 9th of July, there will be a two-day practice in St Skits which marks the commencement of the tour. This practice will end exactly on July 13th after which tests will then begin the following day i.e. 14th of July. The Tests will be 4 in number and all of them will take place according to the set date respectively from the first test to the last test. The first test will take place on 1st of 21st July then followed by the second on 30th July. The third and fourth tests will then follow on August 9th and August 18 respectively. This is actually the main schedule for the whole matches. The four venues where the tour will take place has already been prepared for the tour event. This test will provide an epic ground to analyze the performance of the India National Cricket Team from their game.

This might not be the first time the Indian Cricket team is visiting the West indies territory, they were here before when the Indian Team won 1- 0 during the three-Test series in June 2011. Despite the fact that the Indian Team did not honor the October 2014 T-Series they are going to take part in this. A new coaching staff has already been assigned to the Indian Team which they will depart with the team heading to the Caribbean. The new staff which has not yet been appointed is yet to be appointed after the Application deadline which is June 10TH. BCCI announced the vacant position and is also yet announce the new coaching staff by 25th of June. There is still amid speculations and anxiety that the four tests in the tour might clash with the Caribbean Premier League but the Match Fixtures of the Caribbean Premier League will have to be rescheduled by the Officials. The Caribbean Premier League is yet to commence from June 20 to 31st of July. The West Indies Tour is one of the largest events that will also play a critical role in gauging the viability of the new coaching staff that is yet to be announced by 20th of June 2016.

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