The Windies tri-series is one of the major events in the history of cricket. This is one of the incredible years for every cricket fan since the Windies tour tri-series is expected to take place during this year. Like any major tournament, the stadiums are always filled to the brimmed as most of the cricket fans gleam this major event. If you are a great fan of cricket then here are the top things that you need to know about the Windies tour tri-series.
• Teams participating in the series.
The following national teams will be taking part in the completion:
1. Australia.

This is one of the vicious teams that has recorded sterling performances in the history of crickets. The Australia team has got an unbeaten squad and with that, they are ready to show their expertise in cricket playing during the tournament.

2. West Indies.

This is also one of the lethal teams that have often appear on the leading board after thwarting various top teams in Cricket. It also has got a stunning cricket performance in the history of cricket.it also has got a strong squad that is ready to combat with the top teams in the division.

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3. South Africa.

Having placed numerous records on the previous games in the history of crickets such as having a long unbeaten run in the history of cricket this team has also staged to perform during the tourney. The South African Team is equipped with prolific and highly talented players who are ready to fight for the cup.

4. England.

This is one of the top teams in the ICC rankings that will also feature during the tourney. The England team has got a powerful squad that is expected to stage a horrendous performance during the games that they are yet to play.

• The Teams to watch.

The best team in form is the Australian Team. Currently, they are the top leaders in the ICC rankings, and they will stage a versatile performance during the tournament. According to their latest performance the Black, Chaps has managed to hammer the New Zealand’s. South Africa comes second after recording a tremendous victory over England.

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• Prolific Players to Watch.

According to the latest rating, it’s very clear that the Sunrisers captain is actually in a terrific form having recorded a blast of 848 runs for the past tournaments. Therefore, Warner is actually the man in form, and he is expected to run a massive performance. De Villiers is also one of the top players to watch in this tournament. This is a Proteas superstar who is actually rated as the main big thing during this tourney. Carlos Brathwaite is also another player who delivers a breathtaking finish during his past games. That makes him appear in our list of the most prolific players to watch during this tourney.

• Venue and time of the games.

The games are expected to take place in the Guyana Stadium. Other stadiums also that are supposed to host this event is the Kensington Oval in Barbados.

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