Kohli Gives credits to Rahane for five-bowler strategy

Kohli Gives credits to Rahane for five-bowler strategy

“I spoke to Jinks ( Rahane ) before the game and he asked me what I feel,” Kohli said. “I said, this is your game, you have to be comfortable with playing four or five bowlers. He instantly said five bowlers, because he understands the workloads of the guys throughout the whole season and to keep pushing two guys to take wickets for you regularly is unfair when the body is tired and it has taken a toll.

“So that fifth bowler, that was Anil bhai and Jinks and myself, we all had a discussion. Kuldeep was the X-factor, they hadn’t played him, they hadn’t seen him much, and he turned out to be the difference in the game. I think from 130 for 1 to 300 all out in the same day can really demoralise the opposition.

“From 2014 to now, Umesh Yadav, the only thing that has changed is his mindset. He was always a very fit guy, probably used to bowl even quicker than he is now, but he has understood his game, become smarter.”
“And I think it was a great call on Jinks’ and Anil bhai’s part. Credit to him, he went in with five bowlers and the batsmen took up the responsibility as well. To win Test matches, you need some courage before you start, to take that little bit of risk and play five batsmen, which we’ve done throughout the season on most occasions. It takes more responsibility out of you but that is what it is required of you playing at this level and it was his and Anil bhai’s decision eventually to go in with five bowlers and it was the right one in the end.”

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