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All You Need To Know About The West Indies Fast Bowling Machines Of 1970s And 1980s.

West Indies is one of the top best cricket teams in the history of cricket. Their reign regime was very versatile in the 1980s and 1970s since they used to hammer every team that came on their way. This made the team be ranked the top position in the ICC rankings in the world during this regime. One of the astonishing events is when they hammered the Australian side which had really dominated the cricket sport since it was formed. The way in which they hammered their opponents to some extend had to raise some eyebrows to the cricket fanatic. Here are the top players who were versatile and so the West Indies regime in cricket take a longer time.

•Michael Anthony Holding

Michael Anthony Holding was always a player to watch during any match with a team playing against West Indies. This was one of the fastest bowlers that due to his amazing performance he was nicknamed the Whispering Death. Michael made a bowling speed record of 156 km/h that saw him beat the top most Australian bowler in the history of cricket. That made him be on top of our list on the West Indian fast bowling machines of 1970s and 1980s.

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•Andy Roberts.

Andy Roberts played for West Indian, and his fastest delivery was 159.5 km/h in a match against Australia. His excellent tactics that coupled with a superb talent is what let him in achieving that goal. He is among the top players who made the West Indian’s regime in the cricket sport be a long one.

•Colin Croft.

This was a right arm West Indian cricketer who really recorded an amazing performance for the West Indies team in the 1970s and 1980s West Indies regime in the cricket sport. He is one of the honoured cricket personality that accepted a place in the South Africa rebel tour. He was later banned from taking part in cricket due to his action in taking part in the Rebel tour which actually ended in his career.

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•Joel Garner.

Joel Garner commonly known as the ‘Big Bird’ or “Big Joel” was one of the versatile West Indies bowlers. He played 98 matches out of which he took 148 wickets. This was one of the tallest cricketer in the world who used this natural advantage to outwit most of the teams in the 1980s to 1970s West Indies regime.

•Malcolm Marshall.

Malcolm was not only regarded as the fastest bowler but also the finest cricketer in the history of cricket. During his career he managed to scoop a bowling average of 20.94 after taking over 200 wickets. His quick and fearsome tactics made him be one of the critical players in the history of cricket and thus his contribution to the West Indies regime was very critical.

•Courtney Walsh.

Walsh was part of the West Indies cricket team since 1984 – 2001. His is always regarded as the fastest bowler in the history of cricket since he broke and set his own record of the cricketer with the most number of wickets. This was after he recorded a total of over 2000 wickets.

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